what do you call it and float
Creation of name for the company
Developing a brand name or trademark (TM) is a very important task. As you call, and float.

Before you start working on a project, you fill out the brief. The notice of completion will come to me automatically. You can also send your TA (Technical Assignment) to my mail.

Based on the briefing / TA and communication, I send the CO (Commercial Offer) to your email indicating the price, the deadline for the project, and the number of titles to be developed to choose from.

After reaching the agreement, I proceed to implement. I conduct research on the subject of the name being developed, and develop specific materials related to the specifics of the task. Also, a primary check for uniqueness is carried out: it's like searching through google, yandex, and checking with special resources.

The developed names are adapted for the domain zone .uk. Adaptation for .com is available at an additional cost. You can check the domain here.

The result of the work done: nimes and a description of the concept of each developed neim.

After choosing the name you like, I propose the development of the logo design.

Frequently asked questions about cooperation you can find here.
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