frequently asked questions about cooperation.
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Who am I?
My name is Mikhail Amirov. I am a graphic designer, enthusiast and entrepreneur.
I develop several lines of business.
Why do customers trust me?
Over the years of work and creativity, I have achieved a high level of reputation. This is valuable not only for me, but also for customers who order from me a design product and constantly recommend to their partners.
Why is it profitable to work with me?
- High reputation and international recognition
- Many years of successful experience
- Uniqueness of product design
- Customer-centricity
Why is not the cost of services listed on the site?
The fixed price for my design does not exist, because I do not create template solutions, and I work out each project individually. This approach guarantees the most effective and desired result.
How do I get the cost and timing of the project?
I have a minimum price for developing a name or logo. The final evaluation is made based on your terms of reference, the complexity of the project or my brief, which I ask to fill out.
What is the minimum price for the development of the name / logo?
The minimum price is $1000
Why is it beneficial for me to work for companies and individuals?
You get a premium design product. I am an Individual Entrepreneur, therefore the price for my services is lower than the prices of top agencies and studios that create the design of the corresponding class. Also, you interact directly with me, and not through managers. If necessary, you can make payment by bank transfer, and after - receive the certificates of work performed.
Why is it profitable for me to work for agencies and studios?
You also get a high quality design product. I am an Individual Entrepreneur, so you do not need to pay taxes and fees for me, tk. I pay them myself. It is much more profitable than keeping a permanent designer in your staff.
How can I pay for services?
You can make a payment by bank transfer, and after - receive the certificates of work performed. You can also pay for my services with a card of any bank.
How many naming concepts do you offer?
I develop 5 naming concepts to choose from. This is a deep study of names with a test for uniqueness with the help of special Internet resources. Usually 1 iteration is enough.
If I did not like any of the developed names?
In this case, I will develop an additional 5 titles to choose from. You will not have to pay for additional development.
How many concepts of the logo do you offer?
I develop 2 concept logos to choose from. This piece goods and the level of my skill you can see in my works
If I do not like any of the developed logos?
I will create a third, bonus concept.
How is our interaction on the project going on?
- you send me a technical assignment or fill out my brief for developing a product design

- I contact you and update the information in the file, then evaluate the project and send you the Commercial offer

- when we agreed on the conditions of work, you make an advance payment of 50%

- after the successful completion of the project, transfer the balance of the amount

- I send you the source files in the required formats

- we sign the Acts of the executed works

- continue our productive cooperation
If I do not have a technical assignment for the project?
It's not a problem. You can request a brief to fill out. After filling out, I will automatically receive a notification on this by email.
How is communication between us?
We can communicate via email, Telegram / WhatsApp. Meeting live or skype conference takes place after my preliminary acquaintance with your project and the achievement of mutual understanding on the approximate cost and timing of the task. Personal meeting is possible in Moscow.
Do you do test tasks?
No, I'm not doing test tasks.
I want to cooperate with you. What does that require?
Write, please, on the type of cooperation that you want to offer. I will definitely answer.
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